International students in a spin

On the first Friday of December, about 50 international students and staff from the Tasmanian Polytechnic came together in Austins Ferry, united by the mighty Frisbee.

The students and staff were participating in a disc golf event at Poimena Reserve organised by Government Education and Training International and the Poimena Disc Golf Club.

Yunru (Queena) Qian

Trent Swindells from Government Education and Training International said, “We really wanted to put on a fun, interactive event for our international students and staff, to celebrate the end of term and end of year. “
“The Polytechnic’s English Language students are from many different countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Chile – there is such an interesting mix of cultures.

An informal fun activity such as disc golf makes it easier for everyone to interact with each other, which ultimately leads to a better understanding of other’s cultures and a better learning relationship between students and staff.”

Tatsuya Amano, Juan Manuel Ruiz Chaves, Sutha Rungruangpol and Sol Choe

Richard Sampson, from the Poimena Disc Golf Club, introduced the disc golf course to the students and teachers and also ran a coaching clinic.

Richard said, “Disc golf is an ideal activity for large groups, it’s easy to play and very social. This is the first time I’ve seen international students playing the course and I hope they come back for more. They’ve all enjoyed a taste of Australian culture, a bit of sport, the active outdoor lifestyle, finished off with a good ol’ sausage sizzle!“

“It’s always exciting for me to see new players and community groups experiencing disc golf for the first time. The Poimena disc golf course is a fantastic community resource, but it is not widely known about. Fortunately, the word is getting out and participation is increasing.

“The course has seen some significant improvements in the last year, mainly thanks to support from Glenorchy City Council, Sport and Recreation Tasmania and local volunteers. In its 25 year history, the course has never looked better and the interest we’re getting from community groups using the course, including schools and the Scouts, is really encouraging.”

Earlier this month, the Poimena disc golf course was visited by two superstars of disc golf from the USA, World Champions Nate Doss and Valarie Jenkins, who were holidaying in Tasmania. Nate and Valarie were bowled over by the course. Nate said “this is the best course I’ve played in Australia, great layout, challenging and so beautiful. The Australian Disc Golf National Championships are here next October and we’re definitely coming back.”


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