Short film about the 2011 Australian Disc Golf Championships at Poimena

A short film about the last November’s Australian Disc Golf Championships is now available on YouTube. The film features a few superstars of our sport, including Des Reading, Jussi Meresmaa, Derek Robins and Jay Reading. You’ll also catch an eyeful of Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course in Tasmania, regarded as the best in Australia. This film is 8 minutes, so make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. Thanks to everyone who contributed, but most of all, hats off to Innova for their vision and support.

Watch the film


Visitors to the course

Poimena’s seen a few visitors from out of state in recent weeks.

Today Martin from Germany dropped in for a couple of rounds. He loved the course. He particularly loved the 20m putt he hit on hole 9.


Martin from Berlin

Last weekend old friends reunited at Poimena; travelling from Canada, QLD and NSW.

Ex-Londoners reunion

Nate from California visited the course earlier this month. He loved the course layout andĀ  said so on the Poimena Facebook page. He also posted some photos on

Bumped into Patrick today. He’s a local resident, and originally from Zimbabwe. His house backs onto the reserve. He videoed 6 holes of action to take back to show his kids. Reckon Patrick will be back.


Patrick from Zimbabwe meets Martin from Berlin