The Course

Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course is the oldest course in Australia, est. 1986.

The course is operated by Glenorchy City Council with the support of local volunteers.

This is an 18-hole course, spread over approximately 40 acres of  Poimena Reserve in Austins Ferry.

Anyone can play and the course is open to the public all year round from dawn til dusk.

It costs nothing to play disc golf at Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course, and the only equipment you need to get started is a golf disc/frisbee. [find a local disc golf supplier]

The trees, bush, sloping greens and altitude changes make this course an exciting challenge to players of all ability levels.

New Players Should Know

Every hole has two tee off points and a basket. Most baskets are visible from the tee.

Every tee area is marked by a wooden post and a tee sign. You throw from between the tee sign and the post.

The tees are identified as red and blue on the course map and on the tee sign. The red tees are longer and more challenging.

For first time players, it is a good idea to carry a course map with you, but this is not essential as their is signage on the course to guide you around. The tee signs describe the hole, the baskets are numbered and there are arrows on every basket pointing in the direction of the next tee.

Basic rules of the game and a map can be found on this website. Also, the basic rules of the course are displayed on a sign in the Poimena Reserve car park.

Sturdy footwear is advisable as the ground is quite uneven in places. Also don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun.

How Long Does It Take To Play A Round of 18?
Group of 4 Players – approx 3 hours
Group of 2 Players – approx 2 hours

You can play any combination of the holes, the front 9 is popular if you have limited time.

Health and Fitness
Disc golf is mildly aerobic. Players walk about 3km in the process of completing the course.  Shoulders in particular get a really good workout so it is worthwhile having a good stretch before you start playing.

Free parking, toilets, drinking water, BBQ areas, shops nearby.

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